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3D Engineers Limited
5 The Gavel, Sturminster Newton
Dorset, DT10 1QX, UK
  • 3D classic car parts scanned and reverse engineered
    Classic car parts reverse engineered
    Having literally reverse engineered thousands of parts, 3D Engineers are best placed to help your project.
  • Aston Martin Touring concept model 3D laser scanned
    Rare vehicles 3D scanned
    3D scan data can be used for museum archiving, research, re-creation, restoration, part design and fit, modification, model making, personal record keeping and more.
  • Lancia Appia section buck
    Buck design a speciality
    Egg crate or hammer form bucks designed from plans or 3D scan data.
  • Bespoke car design in 3D rendering
    Concept car design
    Eleven car designs we have created and amended have made production.
  • Mitchell Special unique car design
    Our car designs are built
    The Mitchell Special, pictured ,went from concept to first race in seven months.

3D Engineers – 3D laser scanning cars, planes, trains, boats, parts, homes and more! Bespoke designs, buck manufacture, CAD and reverse-engineering from award-winning professionally qualified team.

3D Engineers has many years experience and proven ability in CAD design, 3D scanning (both laser and white light) and reverse engineering.

Our car designs have been featured in many magazines including front covers.

We have created numerous bucks for clients all over the world.

3D Scanning and post-processing

Our 3D scanning experience, both white light and laser, is extensive. The equipment and software used is state of the art. Pricing is simple and includes 'extras' like alignment as standard.

Extensive CAD Experience

As well as the enormous amount of design work successfully undertaken and shown on the website, courses and exams have been undertaken. Our work is used by software vendors to showcase their products. Our work is that good.

Fixed price quoting

Fixed price quoting is standard, so your budget is known at the outset. Payment by credit, debit card and PayPal available.

Global presence

We can work anywhere on the planet as our equipment is portable. Work has been undertaken in USA, South Africa and numerous places in the EU.

World first -Bugatti Type 35 re-created digitally

We were the first to completely reverse engineer a whole car down to the last nut and bolt, being the iconic Bugatti Type 35


Being totally independent, there is no conflict of interest with "in house" restoration or car creation divisions. We work solely for your success.


Innovation comes as standard at 3D Engineers. In fact we have won an award for our innovative approach and cutting edge thinking.

Historic archive

To ensure our designs are period correct, we have a historical archive of books, magazines and pictures. Coupled with our knowledge of cars, the designs we create will have the correct look.

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