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July 2010

Scanning is not always the correct way forward.

After writing the news article re scanning a Jaguar part, we remembered a situation two years ago whereby scanning was most definitely not the way forward. Having read this article regarding scanning a Bugatti water pump manifold and recreating it in Computer Aided Design (CAD), it occurred to us that although two hours start to finish was quick there might be a better way. To this end, we contacted The Bugatti Trust
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Aston Martin DBR2 and Jaguar C-Type replica bodies progressing well using 3D Engineers bucks

Paul and John at N D Metalcraft are getting on really  well with the Legends Jaguar C-Type and ASMotorsports Aston Martin DBR2 replicas. To quote John “We feel spoilt having your bucks to work from. It really makes the job easier” Aston Martin DBR2 Replica and Buck Aston Martin DBR2 replica and Buck. Note finished AC Cobra bodies in background! Legends Jaguar C-Type Replica Visit the 3D Engineers website
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Something a bit different. Back Street Heroes style trike scanned.

The client wanted his wife to design a new rear end for his trike, but not being very “arty” himself required us to scan the bike as is and then create the design in 3D adding it to the scanned data to ensure that it would work visually as well as practically. Watch this space! Similar trike to the one scanned Visit the 3D Engineers website
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Practical Classics magazine features 3D Engineers work

Practical Classics magazine Visit the 3D Engineers website
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Mitchell Special MKII featured on cover of the AC Owners Club magazine

Once again the body designed by 3D Engineers was well received, with the magazine featuring it on their front cover. AC Action magazine Visit the 3D Engineers website
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Mitchell Special MKII featured in Classic Cars magazine

With a body design by 3D Engineers, the Mitchell Special MKII continues to garner favourable comments. Classic Cars magazine
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“Blogging” service now available for clients and client projects.

Perhaps the easiest way to get up to date information onto the Internet, blogging is a terrific marketing and information dispensing tool. However it does need to be done properly taking account of corporate branding and the needs of the client. As an additional facility 3D Engineers now offer two types of blogging service, being project and corporate. For all new projects, for a small extra charge a blog can be crea
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Stuart Brown founder of 3D Engineers assists Derby University by lecturing on Computer Aided Design

Stuart Brown, the founder of 3D Engineers, is well aware that he was given his first opportunity to look at classic vehicles in detail by the generosity of The Bugatti Trust, a charity which has as one of its prime objectives encouraging young people to take up a career in engineering. Therefore, when Stuart found out that Derby University had been let down by a lecturer at short notice and consequently had no-one sk
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