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October 2010

Grill for a classic boat

On the face of it a reasonably straightforward task. Design a cheese cutter style grill for a classic boat and output the profiles for CNC cutting. However, this was a difficult contract with scanning requiring precise orientation of the subject to ensure it fitted into the boat correctly (profiles horizontal and vertical), asymmetric subject matter, patterning requiring advanced techniques, hundreds of joints that n
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Laser scanning as an insurance policy for your classic vehicle

Classic vehicles are typically hand made and therefore have the individuality of build owners love and appreciate. However, what happens if your car is damaged in an accident or by fire? How will you get it repaired as close to original as possible? 3D Engineers have the solution. Scan your vehicle so its surface topography is preserved should the worst happen. An added benefit is creating the new body, having create
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Restore musical instruments the smart way. Save time and money!

We were recently approached by a restorer of string instruments to see if we could help speed up the restoration process, whilst in no way impacting on the hand-built quality of the 100 – 400 year old instruments. The solution was to laser scan the back and front of the instrument then offset the surface so it could be hand finished. Literally days of roughing out saved whilst retaining hand finishing by an exp
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