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3D Engineers create “real” models of our projects to aid design process

For a number of years, 3D engineers have offered a service whereby the client can have a 3D model of his vehicle created in order to help ensure the shape fulfils his requirements.

Examples of models created in the past are shown below, along with a short video showing the process in action.

Mitchell Special on computer and 3D model
3D Printer interface
Vintage car model – 30cm long approx
Model with undertray included. As part of our service, we are creating fixings so models can be fitted with a display case
Vintage car buck model
…and again.
Buck as produced
Video showing 3D modelling process

The video above shows the 3D printer’s printing head moving across two square containers of material. As it passes the first container it heats up certain areas to create a layer of the solid model and then it continues onwards over the second container. On its return journey the first container is lowered a fraction as the printing head drags material over it that it has gathered from the second container. Repeat hundreds of times and you have a completed model!