3D Scanning

Many years 3D scanning experience

We have scanned everything from a coin to a lorry and know the techniques to use in each case. Whether for example planning your campervan conversion, plylining your van, retro-fitting your lorry or building your dream vehicle on an existing chassis, email info@3dengineers.co.uk to find out more or visit our contact page now. 3D scanning is just the beginning!

Our pricing is competitive

3D scanning prices start from only £990 plus VAT at the current rate and with our prompt payment discount. Annual rate review usually takes place in December. 50% deposit required at time of booking. For scanning further afield than the UK, please call for rates available. Sign up to our newsletter via the contact form to find out about any current promotional offer. Please ask about post-processing services for your requirements - we can reverse engineer, design, amend and create for your every need (further charges may apply). N.B. We normally work on a fixed price basis. No nasty cost surprises from us!

Latest equipment

We have access to the latest hardware and software. This is key to ensuring we provide the best service to our clients. We will come to you for bigger items or ship smaller pieces and parts to us for safe scanning in our custom built workshop. We have access to various equipment including that as used and approved by Boeing and equivalent businesses to help you with yours.

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The 3D Engineers Difference

Our aim is to improve the quality, lower the cost and improve the accessibility of 3D scanning. To achieve this aim, we use only the best and most advanced software and hardware and have a range of solutions available. Our advantages over the competition include: Post-processing of scan data using one of the best programs on the market. Comparison of CAD data to ``as built`` item. Scanning objects that traditionally have been difficult too capture such as difficult to access areas such as car interiors, confined spaces, areas with no power source and scanning at height such as pylons, trees and chimneys. Non-contact scanning of items such as antiquities and works of art. In most cases we do not require to lay a matting dust or sticky targets onto the subject to be scanned. Proven ability to undertake contracts anywhere in the world. Fast response time. 7 Day / 24 hour working to fit in with client deadlines if required. We offer fixed price scanning and monitor the market to try and achieve the lowest hourly rate for our services. This is not as a compromise to the quality of the end product, but rather a testament to our commitment to the most advanced equipment and only using experts in the chosen field. The result is quicker turnaround times and subsequently lower cost to the client.

Scanning size and Accuracy

Scanning size and Accuracy. From objects larger than a car to as small as a coin. Organic or geometric. Accuracy up to +/- 100 microns. Please ask for details.

Laser scanner and 360 degree imaging camera hire

It could be that you have the software and skills but not the equipment. 3D Engineers have access to scanners and a 360 degree imaging camera and will supply an operative to hire out at competitive rates. Equipment is available for worldwide use. Please contact us for pricing.

3D Scanning

We have scanned everything from the Washington Monument, over a hundred cars down to tiny items. 3D Engineers can undertake the vast majority of scanning work. You would not expect a carpenter to arrive with only chisels and the armoury we can bring to your project includes access to four types of scanner, qualified CAD design experience, winners of two international awards and the ability to work the initial scan through to manufacture.

Laser scan post-processing through to manufacture

If required, we can work through your project from start to finish saving you having to co-ordinate between different skills that you may not have knowledge of. A 3D laser scan is the first of three possible stages depending on your needs. Your needs may just extend to the requirement for a 3D point cloud for record keeping purposes or to work on yourself. Generally speaking though the scan is a precursor to the requirement for CAD design, 3D printed model or a myriad of other requirements. 3DE has extensive experience in post-processing scan data to whatever level you require. Using the latest hardware and software and knowing the best methods saves you time and money. We can also work with your data if required. The end result being a superb CAD surface ready for 3D printing, manufacture of tooling or visuals.