Aston Martin DB4 GT project

Aston Martin DB4 GT project

Aston Martin DB4 GT project. Can’t say too much, but it will be a car fit for someone working near the Thames.

Aston Martin DB4 GT advert from 1960

Gathering the inspiration and factual data at present.

Aston Martin DB4 GT brochure from March 1960

Only one to be made, built to an exacting original specification.

Extract from Aston Martin DB4 parts manual. May or may not prove useful

One of the by-products of the process we will be going through, is that the formers / buck are going to be retained as “works of art” by our client. The idea being to display them in his house. A third scale model is also being made similar in size to the one made for the Jaguar XJ13 re-creation.

Research is the key to success in projects such as this. Rare Girling equipment brochure shown

This is a two year project so updates will be very sporadic.

Please note that 3D Engineers have no connection to Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd and recognise that some words, model names and logos used within these web pages are the property of Aston Martin Lagonda Ltd.

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