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  • New and traditional reverse engineering skills.
    Scanning or traditional method? Sometimes the Mark I tape measure is the best way forward. This picture had some parts made via scanning and others more traditionally.
  • Ferrari-250-GTO-hammer-form-body-buck
    Body jigs of all types
    Hammer form, egg crate or a combination of both. 3D Engineers can design and manufacture
  • Scale buck models can be created.
    Creating an aluminum body takes time. Scale model bucks can be created for you or your client. This one is 1.2 metres long.
  • Egg crate bucks made in sections.
    Saves valuable workshop space.
  • Jaguar C-Type roof buck.
    Hammer form and egg crate design created from scan data.

3D Engineers is the most experienced 3D vehicle buck design and manufacturer in the World. Whether you require a hammer form buck, egg crate buck design or even one for fibreglass or composite bodies, we have the experience.

Adopting pioneering CAD and design techniques, we have developed a process whereby classic car body bucks can be created and delivered within a matter of weeks. Each buck is created to a high level of precision. Bucks and formers are something we have a lot of experience in.

Creating a buck is not just a 3D scanning process. A high level of competence in other disciplines such as CAD design and experience of working with the best body creators on the planet, means that a 3D Engineers buck is created by people who specialize in this area and have not simply tacked it onto the back of an unrelated business.

Steady Special and egg crate buck

The Steady Special, Lancia Astura based “special”, next to the buck used to create body

The many benefits of our bucks & formers for restorers, enthusiasts, manufacturers, businesses and individuals alike include:

  • By using one of our bucks, a typical aluminium body can be created in 20% – 30% less time than conventional techniques. A 20% – 30% saving that repeats every single time. A particularly good idea for all classic racers then!
  • Accuracy is greatly improved over traditional methods whilst allowing the part/body to still be hand built.
  • Bucks are robust, self-supporting, designed well and fit together with great precision. They are produced to a fine tolerance. Putting them up and taking them apart can be done typically in less than a day, or even less than half a day, with no tools bar a conventional screwdriver. Ideal to take to shows as a feature for your stand.
  • Changes can be made economically to sections of a vehicle, without having to design and manufacture a complete new buck or create expensive tooling.
  • Symmetry, if required, is perfect.
  • Bucks can be created for everything from a complete car to a single panel.
  • You can take account of a body’s sub-structure to deal with snags before they occur on the workshop floor wasting considerable time and often material.
  • Cosmetic tweaking of the design can occur “virtually” instead of on the workshop floor, with all the implications as outlined in the point above.
  • If the data to make the 3D model is obtained by scanning the original body, it can be rebuilt provably to the original design.
  • The method assists restorers by allowing them to do what they do best: creating a vehicle to the best of their ability.
  • If you have a full order book, by sub-contracting making any necessary parts of the buck you have the benefit of getting the client’s financial commitment earlier in the project and have the advantage that as soon as the car enters your workshop, the bodywork (for example) tasks can be started straight away, maximising your efficiency. Turnover of vehicles will increase.
  • The buck can be designed to split into two parts or more, allowing the pieces that are not required to be safely and compactly stored. Maximises workspace.
  • Bucks and bodywork can be scaled and we have created ¼ and ½ scale models for clients to keep in their living room, office or garage. This is a way of maintaining their enthusiasm on long projects.
  • The quality of the end product is improved.
  • The data on their vehicle is also kept in electronic form forever.
  • Free programmes are available to allow viewing of what we have done in 3D on your own computer (subject to minimum system requirements). See our support page.
  • Once your work is completed, the buck can be stored flat taking up minimal space. You could give it to the client, but if you store it yourself you will be the first port of call should any further work be required. This especially applies to racing vehicles that may need regular repair work. In other words, customer loyalty is increased. If further repairs are necessary, they can be carried out to the specification of the original design.
  • Clients love this way of working as they can see progress occurring, revolve the design in 3D on their own computer and have the opportunity to make and review changes before you have started work. You have the added assurance that the client knows what they are committing to and you have the ability to send them the design via e-mail for their perusal. Changes can be made quickly.
  • It makes your firm stand out from the competition when clients are deciding who will work on their vehicle.
  • The cost is not as great as you would think and stage payments are available. In fact what we do should not really be called a cost, as it normally ends up saving firms like yours time, money and hassle.
Okrasa Special with 3D Engineers body buck

Okrasa Special wearing a 3D Engineers body jig