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Boeing approved 3D scanning

Sneak preview

Our new Octane ad airs this week, end July 2017, so here’s a quick glance for you ahead of time – nothing beats seeing it in the flesh though!
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New nose?

The owner of this plane is contemplating a nose job for it, so he flew it to our nearby airfield, where we 3D laser scanned it as a starting point.
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Tiger Moth 3D scan

Remember the news of our new scanner and the Tiger Moth experience? Here’s some of the RAW scan data – just how good is that? Post-processing now is a very refined task and the detail captured incredible. Boeing approve this equipment and we believe ourselves to be the only people in the UK to have it.
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New Boeing-approved scanning equipment

We’re very excited with our latest investment in more laser scanning technology and 3D immersive photography. We can now offer a service 7 x more accurate than before – and that was mm perfect!! Other improvements include better quality scanning and with our amazing new 3D camera, panoramic takes on a whole new meaning. It’s no mean feat at £52k, but it’s well worth it for our clients. In the
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Colour scanning service upgraded

Our colour 3D scanning service is getting an upgrade. Picture comparison link below. Top picture shows improved image.
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Laser scanning as an insurance policy for your classic vehicle

Classic vehicles are typically hand made and therefore have the individuality of build owners love and appreciate. However, what happens if your car is damaged in an accident or by fire? How will you get it repaired as close to original as possible? 3D Engineers have the solution. Scan your vehicle so its surface topography is preserved should the worst happen. An added benefit is creating the new body, having create
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Practical Classics magazine features 3D Engineers work

Practical Classics magazine Visit the 3D Engineers website
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