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Design intent

New nose?

The owner of this plane is contemplating a nose job for it, so he flew it to our nearby airfield, where we 3D laser scanned it as a starting point.
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The Wimbledon Poodle with 3D Engineers help

We helped create, then orientate, size, revise and produce CNC cutting files for the tennis ball body parts of the poodle, which were then made and displayed during Wimbledon. Loved this job!
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Getting the right finish

On classic cars a CNC finish – even if blasted – can look incongruous. We can add variability to solve this.
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Prevost aero analysis video

Just to prove “ground effect” was discovered prior to Lotus. Car was initially designed in 1928 and re-created in 2010 by 3D Engineeers from a design spec given to us by Charles Armstrong-Wilson. Video created by TotalSim Visit the 3D Engineers website
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