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Egg Crate Buck
JePe Specials XK180 body buck

London Classic Car Show 8-11th January 2015

At the invitation of JePe Specials, who’ve been working on one of our bucks, we’ll be at the London Classic Car Show on Friday 9th January 2015. See you there?
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Okrasa Special section body buck

Okrasa Special buck design

October 2014 – the buck fits like a glove! After years of working the long way round towards his goal, 3D Engineers helps the owner achieve it: scanning of the existing chassis and then a buck designed in the required shape to fit it perfectly. The buck was then manufactured and delivered, assembled and left ready for action by 3D Engineers. The picture shows the virtual fit of the buck on the scanned chassis.
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Okrasa Special body buck

Okrasa Special scale model and car 3D scanned

“Workshop heaven” as our scanner described it: Porsche 912, Porsche Special, a model and some 3D scanning. Soon a car will be created and on the road.
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Steady Special and 3D Engineers body buck

3D Engineers’ Steady Special design and buck featured in Octane Magazine

This design and buck has a long history of which we play a recent notable part. Read more here.
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Reversible Bentley wing buck shapes up

Shown positioned as designed, next to the vehicle.
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Alfa Mille Miglia style car for South Africa based client

Johannesburg here we come! After initial meetings and discussions, this car was designed and the buck then manufactured in South Africa, where we traveled to complete the task side-by-side with our client. We also created a buck for a¬†Ferrari style 50’s body for a 400i conversion.
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Buck brings car to life

Another 3D Engineers buck brings another car to life.
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Ferrari 250 GTO hammer form and egg crate buck created

A project undertaken on our own account and available for purchase on a very limited scale of up to two per year. This buck was designed after 3D scanning two original vehicles and features every requirement a body maker could think of to ensure as perfect a body as possible is created in aluminium. Further details to follow.
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Steady Special with body designed by 3D Engineers makes its debut at Autosport International

A 1934 Lancia Astura from 1934 redesigned by motoring columnist Ronald ‘Steady’ Barker while he owned the car almost 60 years ago is making its public debut at the Autosport International show with a new body designed by 3D Engineers. The car at present is nearing the end of an extensive restoration and with its new body added and complete except for details. Our firm became involved in the project at the
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TWRR take delivery of their Jaguar XJ13 replica buck

3D Engineers has been working with Trevor Williams of TWRR to create a replica of the Jaguar XJ13. After many months of work – we were tasked with getting the initial chassis design created also – the buck has been delivered. Further information can be found by contacting Trevor Williams at www.twrreplicas.com.
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