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Classic car hammer form bucks and body formers

Station or egg crate style bucks are superb for creating a body shape, but sometimes you need something more and this is where hammer form bucks are useful.
As the name suggests, the metal is formed on the buck, whereas with egg crate style bucks the metal is offered up to it to verify shape, but formed off buck.


Jaguar E-Type hammer form and section buck
Jaguar E-Type hard top hammer form and egg crate body forming tool

The benefits of a hammer form buck are that detailed parts and parts with sharp edges can be created more effectively – as in more quickly and accurately.

………..however they could have been machined to make a hammer form and egg crate model buck also. Pictured is an Aston Martin 2/4 Convertible model buck we created

Hammer form and traditional egg crate style bucks combinations can be created and from an economy point of view this is our preference.