Homage to the “original” Jaguar XJ13 design project.

Homage to the “original” Jaguar XJ13 design project.

This is a project to create a “homage” to the Jaguar XJ13 the way it was prior to its famous crash.

Jaguar XJ13 post crash
Jaguar XJ13 – pre-crash version – buck

With the design work and vehicle buck now nearing completion Neville Swales, the gentleman that commissioned us to undertake this work, is seeing his painstaking research develop towards the stage when his dream can be built.

Jaguar XJ13 – pre-crash – buck side on

To this end, we really cannot do better than refer you to Neville’s excellent blog here¬†and a picture of the preliminary¬†views of the buck for the 3D body that we have designed is shown above.

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