Impressed with Lancia Flaminia Zagatos

Impressed with Lancia Flaminia Zagatos

Some cars throw up surprises and a Lancia Flaminia Zagato we worked on recently is a case in point.
Our client was ThornleyKelham a restorer and paint specialist in South Cerney, Gloucestershire who produce superb work and are well worth considering should you need any work on a classic car undertaken.
Example of a Lancia Flaminia. Picture copyright ThornleyKelham
So why the surprise? Essentially all classic cars are asymmetric to a greater or lesser degree and this is one of the reasons why, unlike virtually every other 3D scanning firm, we scan the whole car and not just half and flip it over.
Quite simply unless you adopt this approach, finding the centre line, the “datum”, behind the seemingly simple process of flipping a 3D scan over to get the other side for a symmetry match can be a tortuous process. With some cars it has been necessary to mix and match large parts of  its body surface in order to get a complete aesthetically pleasing shape.
Front Elevation of Lancia Flaminia Zagato. Further views below.

However, the Lancia was superb and the only mixing and matching we had to do was to sort out minor accident damage.

The pictures above and below show the deviation between the old and the idealised new and frankly the car was a joy to work on.

Further blog posts will show the process as it progresses and if you require a Lancia Flaminia restored, or just fancy looking at some superb workmanship then check out the ThornleyKelham website here, here and here.

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