Design Brief

Before commencing work a design brief will be agreed so that both parties know the desired outcome.


If you wish your project to remain confidential, then please ask to sign a non-disclosure or confidentiality agreement prior to the start of the project.

Intellectual Property

Unless agreed otherwise all intellectual property is signed over to our client. This will be decided and recorded in the Design Brief.

Plain English contract

Our contract to you is in plain English and together with the Design Brief is the vital foundation of every project and amendment.

Health & Safety

The safety of our clients, their staff and ours, as well as our public safety responsibility is of paramount importance. Our health & safety policy is both an active and a proactive one which we can and will give you relevant details of as required and/or requested.

The Environment

As a responsible organisation we reduce, reuse and recycle. Wherever possible we use technology to both reduce travel that uses valuable resources and to operate a paperless office. We are proud of our environmental policy and actions.