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Lamborghini LP400 – 3D Engineers help a client create new panels and chassis for this iconic vehicle

Always a favourite of ours and loving the shape of the pre-wing and added arches model, it was with great pleasure that we were asked to scan and create a buck for an original Lamborghini LP400.

The purpose of the exercise was to enable the client to offer accurate panels and the tubular chassis to vehicle owners. Therefore a good original car to obtain data from along with a quality buck would be required.

Pictures of the project so far are shown below. If you require any panels or a chassis, please contact 3D Engineers and we will forward your details to our client.

Regarding the process of obtaining the data, for a variety of reasons that unfortunately have to remain confidential, obtaining all the data required was a technically difficult process demanding advanced skills and techniques that we believe not many other scanning firms possess.

Lamborghini Countach LP400 being scanned
Lamborghini Countach LP400 – Front section scan data
Lamborghini CountachLP400 – Rear section scan data