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3D Engineers Portfolio

Beaulieu Land Speed Record Cars

The iconic cars housed in the Beaulieu museum, featuring the Sunbeams, Bluebird and Golden Arrow, were 3D scanned and photographed to create a permanent digital archive record for the museum. Of course, this will help preserve them for many future generations to admire, people who will never visit to see and, should disaster befall them,  the bodyshop to re-create, but it also shows how accessing 3D technologies can
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Mitchell Special at Silverstone

Car bodies designed

3D Engineers have created body designs that have featured on the front page and within the worlds most prestigious car magazines. All our designs are created in close collaboration and with the assistance of the client. They are often one-offs designed for people that are not happy to even have a limited edition of a make such as Ferrari or Aston Martin. Our first design was the Mitchell Special MKII. The design brie
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Concept car render

3D CAD Surfacing

3D Engineers is a provably qualified and award winning business in this specialist area. Our work has been featured in many magazines including front covers. Whether you need a surface that is sufficiently good for manufacturing, or something to move forward with visualisation, we can handle it.
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Classic car Mercedes3D scanning

Laser scan post-processing through to manufacture

If required, we can work through your project from start to finish saving you having to co-ordinate between different skills that you may not have knowledge of. A 3D laser scan is the first of three possible stages depending on your needs. Your needs may just extend to the requirement for a 3D point cloud for record keeping purposes or to work on yourself. Generally speaking though the scan is a precursor to the requ
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Sunbeam 350HP laser scanned 3D

3D Scanning

Specialising in vehicles, but we have scanned everything from the Washington Monument to tiny items, 3D Engineers can undertake the vast majority of scanning work. You would not expect a carpenter to arrive with only chisels and the armoury we can bring to your project includes four types of scanner, qualified CAD design experience, winners of two international awards and the ability to work the initial scan through
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Plywood classic car section buck

Hammer form and Section bucks

Whether hammer form or egg crate/section buck 3DE have the experience to ensure you get the correct buck at a competitive price. More information here.
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3D scanner hire

Laser scanner and 360 degree imaging camera hire

It could be that you have the software and skills but not the equipment. 3DE hire out our scanners and 360 degree imaging camera along with an operative at competitive rates. Equipment available for worldwide use. Please contact us for pricing.
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Map of world

Worldwide service

3DE hire out equipment and offer 3D scanning and CAD services worldwide. Experience, the best equipment/software and speed of working ensure that any travel cost is outweighed by savings elsewhere. Being an extremely responsive business we are up for almost any challenge. In recent years we have: Received a scanning order in Italy on Friday and been on site scanning first thing Monday morning. Scanned ten extremely r
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Ferrari 250 GTO CAD design 3D Engineers

Ferrari 250 GTO 3D scans and body buck

To be able to 3D laser scan one Ferrari 250 GTO is a privilege, but we have now scanned two. This makes us possibly unique on the planet (outside Ferrari?) in being able to make a direct comparison between different cars and move forward with the technical ability to use the data to make a buck/art installation. Early Ferrari bodies differ for a very good reason: the bodies were generally created in a rush, using a m
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1913 Renault DQ 40/45CV

Renault Type DQ 40/45Cv (1913) – Body design

This pre World War I Renault is one of our favourite projects. The client is great. The car is great. The design is by popular opinion spot on. The work required virtually every tool in our technological armoury involving advanced CAD, 3D scanning, scanning in sub zero temperature (not easy for most scanners), working in the “field” with no power available and combining programme plug-ins that we mixed an
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