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A S Motorsport DBR

  • The Inspiration - Aston Martin DBR2
    A S Motorsport bought a firm that made a reproduction variant of this iconic car. Requiring an aluminium version they asked 3D Engineers to create a buck and design a more faithful rear aft of seats..
  • Original Aston Martin DBR1 plan
    Typical of the way we work. Tracking down the original plans for the vehicle and interpreting them. Not an easy task when they are as faded and creased as these plans are.
  • A S Motorsport body 3D scanned
    An original A S Motorsport body was 3D scanned and symmetry checked.
  • Car body created in 3D design programme
    Bringing together data from plans, 3D scans, pictures and engineering requirements is an essential part of our work.
  • 3D mock up of egg crate buck
    Before manufacture all our clients get a 3D file which they can rotate, zoom in and out of and measure their buck from to ensure it is fit for purpose.
  • A well used section car buck!
    Dusty and singed but still producing car bodies and having needed no repair: a 3D Engineers car body buck.
  • Sales success!
    Andrew Soar - owner of A S Motorsport - hands over another car.

The Brief

To start the project, 3D Engineers was recruited to scan an existing Aston Martin DBR2 replica and subtly manipulate the subsequent data to enable the creation of a vehicle with revised features. In particular the bodywork aft of the doors was revised to create a vehicle that not only more faithfully followed the original car’s lines, but as a useful by-product, also increased the boot volume.

Once the design had been agreed, 3D Engineers then moved the project onto its next stage with the design and manufacture of a buck – a tool used to create aluminium car bodies – which was commissioned at the client’s chosen body manufacturer.

The buck was specifically designed to break down into five distinct modules, so that storage and work space could be saved and parts of the body produced in sections on a work bench if required.

Working with 3D Engineers has always been a pleasure.

By taking the time at the start of a project to tie down the details of the brief, an accurate costing for time and materials is achieved.

Also, by working with the end user from the start a buck can be produced to meet the production requirements at the bodywork stage.

Andrew Soar – Owner A S Motorsport

Date: January 18, 2014