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Aston Martin mystery prototype 3D scanned, reverse engineered and restored

  • Aston Martin plaster prototype
    Arrived at 3D Engineers as a 3D scanning favour and turned into a model restoration favour.
  • Condition is all
    In this case, having been thrown into a skip, rescued, being given a blow over respray and polished with ordinary wax for years a refurb was well overdue.
  • Mystery surrounds what this car is
    Any help in this regard would be welcomed.
  • Aston Martin after 3D scan post-processing
    Not bad surface and symmetry considering the age and history of the item.
  • Aston Martin prototype is a what might have been.
  • Model finished
    Colour the correct slightly lighter version as painted originally.
  • Aston Martin enigma
    This shape has really grown on us. Does anyone know its history?

We offered to 3D scan a solid plaster Aston Martin prototype that had been kept at the Aston Martin Owners Club – AMOC –  for many years. However it became apparent that it was in very poor condition and therefore we had it restored and are returning it to AMOC in perfect condition.

As an aside, apparently this model was rescued from a skip! Also on restoration it was apparent that it had suffered a “blow over” respray in a darker colour at some time in its life.

The model is being returned in a display case and via Area 5(!) in January 2013.