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Beaulieu Land Speed Record Cars

The iconic cars housed in the Beaulieu museum, featuring the Sunbeams, Bluebird and Golden Arrow, were 3D scanned and photographed to create a permanent digital archive record for the museum. Of course, this will help preserve them for many future generations to admire, people who will never visit to see and, should disaster befall them,  the bodyshop to re-create, but it also shows how accessing 3D technologies can enhance their enjoyment and open more doors to engineers and amateur enthusiasts alike when looking into more than just their visual beauty.

To avoid the hordes of interested visitors, this work was completed in overnight stops, with just the night watchman for company and the lights down low for best results. Read all about it in the latest issue of Octane magazine, due in shops on 26.7.17 or to subscribers on 24.7.17.

You might even be tempted to try the 3D Engineers magic for yourself, with a special readers’ discount inside.

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