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Jaguar XJ13 re-creation, buck design and 3D scanning


    In 1971 the XJ13 famously crashed at MIRA suffering extensive damage. It was subsequently rebuilt with a revised specification.

    Over the years we have created both versions of the XJ13 in CAD and from this designed the bucks and bodies. Manufacture in aluminium subsequently occurred.

    Jaguar Magazine featured work we created on the front page of its magazine.


    Jaguar XJ13 body jig on TWRR stand at Classic Motor Show


    Jaguar XJ13 buck splits into a number of stations for ease of storage.

    Jaguar XJ13 replica bathed in laser light

    Jaguar XJ13 replica bathed in laser light


    “Having known of Stuart at 3D Engineers for several years, when the opportunity to produce an aluminium XJ13 arose he was the natural choice, understanding and implementing my requirements and producing to spec the buck required.  He offered a quick and viable solution within budget and timescale and would certainly be my first point of call on future projects.”