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Lancia Flaminia

  • Lancia Flaminia prior to restoration
    Interestingly, the rear windscreen shows the car was traditional Italian red and not the green it is at present.
  • Lancia Flaminia scan comparison
    Evening out symmetry can be a problem on older cars. It is NOT as simple as flipping one side with another.
  • Lancia Flaminia buck
    We can create bucks for selective areas of a vehicle.
  • Lancia Flaminia buck detail
    The bucks we create typically have over 1000 separate joints and areas of detail.
  • Bucks can be split to save space
    Generally speaking you cannot work on a complete car, so why not save money and flat pack part of the buck when not in use?
  • Making the buck your own
    A body buck is an aid to manufacture and not a complete solution. Skilled body makers make the buck their own as in this case by adding metal sections
  • Adding parts when budget allows
    Subsequent to buck manufacture 3D Engineers designed and added further sections to further assist aluminium body creation
  • Extended buck
    Additional sections added to existing buck

Design brief

Having acquired a Lancia Flaminia in need of restoration, the client asked us to create a buck to assist the process. Furthermore the buck needed to be symmetrical….something the original cars were definitely not.

Because of the complex, but fragile, structure of these cars they require significant steel repairs and aluminium panelwork. We are therefore working with Stuart Brown of 3D Engineers to develop a buck to enable us to re-skin these cars.

Thornley Kelham

Date: November 19, 2012