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Laser scan post-processing through to manufacture

If required, we can work through your project from start to finish saving you having to co-ordinate between different skills that you may not have knowledge of.

A 3D laser scan is the first of three possible stages depending on your needs. Your needs may just extend to the requirement for a 3D point cloud for record keeping purposes or to work on yourself. Generally speaking though the scan is a precursor to the requirement for CAD design, 3D printed model or a myriad of other requirements.

Corre 1905 laser scan

It all starts with a point cloud. In this case 3DE scanned a 1905 Corre veteran car

3DE have extensive experience in post-processing scan data to whatever level you require. Using the latest hardware and software and knowing the best methods saves you time and money.

Bluebird CN7 laser scanned

From point cloud to a polygon surface. Scan in this case the unique Bluebird CN7

We can also work with your data if required.


Ferrari 250 GTO CAD and scan comparison

Scan to CAD comparison of , in this case, a Ferrari 250 GTO

Ferrari 250 GTO 3D CAD surface

The end result being a superb CAD surface ready for 3D printing, manufacture of tooling or visuals

Date: June 29, 2016