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Mitchell Special MKII – Bespoke body and buck design

  • Initial design concept of Mitchell Special MKII
    Client sketch annotated and amended with 3D Engineers to create initial design brief.
  • Final 3D design
    After many iterations our client settled on this design. Rendered here in 3D.
  • Egg crate buck designed
    Being skilled in the art of creating aluminium bodies, Mitchell Motors only needed a basic egg crate buck.
  • Section Car Body Buck
    Almost a work of art, but created with science and precision.
  • Form follows function
    Detail can be added or removed as required. All our bucks are tailored to the person who is going to create the body.
  • Mitchell Special MKII....finished
    Seven months after the car design was conceived it is on the road. Testament to the work undertaken by 3D Engineers and our client. A team effort.
  • Seven months after conception....
    ....the Mitchell Special MKII is on its 1st race at Silverstone.

Design brief

The brief could not have been simpler – or as hard…..

Our client gave us around 50 pictures of cars he liked (and 50 of those he didn’t) and asked us to design a car in the spirit of, but looking nothing like, any of them.


Looks bloomin’ awesome, well done!

Andy Mitchell (Mitchell Motors Ltd)


Date: January 20, 2014