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Okrasa Special – 3D scan and section buck

The Okrasa Special is a Volkswagen and Porsche based special with its own bespoke chassis.

Okrasa Special and scale model for scanning

Okrasa Special with superb scale model alongside ready for scanning

It has Porsche 550 Spyder approximate dimensions. So compact and lithe then!

Okrasa Special and 3D Engineers section buck on car

The Okrasa Special buck was designed to fit on the car.

At this point it would be good to say what we did not do and this was essentially any part of the body design bar showing the design slightly cropped at the front over the front wheel arch. The model produced by Steve (the Okrasa’s custodian) and his team was simply superb and needed only the work you would normally expect when scaling up a model.


Side view of section jig on car. Beautiful lines.


Date: January 01, 2015