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    Early design render - computer generated (CG) picture.
  • Supermarine Spitfire Exhaust....
    .....inspiration for the SDB MKI.
  • Superb 3D body surfacing
    Surfacing car bodies in 3D for subsequent creation in the real world is a speciality.
  • Early Aston Martin pedal plans
    More accurately, Aston Martin called pedals "pads". A much more gentle term than pedals we think.
  • SDB MKI pedal area design
    Bugatti, Aston and our own thoughts converge to a superb looking and practical design.
  • Connaught inspiration
    Actor Richard Conte is talked through the intricacies of the car for the film "The Mask of Dust".
  • Louvres....Lots of them
    Most 3D CAD people hate these, but they are not a problem for us.
  • Alfa Romeo 158 - 159 cockpit inspiration
    Just look at the use of space!
  • Alfa Romeo cheese grater nose
    Superb...and for us an easily creatable design.
  • SDB MKI body...
    ....is coming together well.

Design Brief

To create a new monoposto style road car using bespoke and high quality parts. Must retain features of racing cars of the period it apes being the 40’s and 50’s.

This is a design we are creating on our own account.