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The “Steady Special” – 3D scan, body design & buck

The “Steady Special” is a vehicle design conceived by Ronald “Steady” Barker many years ago and brought to life by a 3D Engineers design. As with virtually every other design we have done, the shape was guided by the client’s needs and desires.

Steady Special and egg crate buck

The Steady Special, Lancia Astura based “special”, next to the buck used to create body

Steady Special and Ronald Barker story

The inspiration. The Steady Special story. Perhaps it should be the Ronald “Steady” Barker story

Steady Special viewed from rear

Our favourite view of the “Steady”. Rakish, sculptured and superb

Steady Special spare wheel area

An Alfa Romeo inspired piece of detailing, being spare wheel area

Steady Special next to 3D Engineers buck

3D Engineers section jig next to car that came from it being the Steady Special. Call 3D Engineers for your car design and buck requirements

Click picture above for information on Ronald “Steady” Barker

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Click picture above to view history of the modified Lancia Astura from 2012 to 2014

Click picture above to view our vision as to how the Steady Special can move forward