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Ballot 2LS

3D Engineers was required to reconstruct the original car using contemporary photographs and 3D scanning to create a virtual body that could then be refined to match those period images. Critically the rear design of the vehicle was not known. This work was then to be used to recreate the car in reality.

“I asked 3D Engineers to help me re-create the car’s original body, which had been removed in 1930 and presumably destroyed. Photographs survived showing the front and sides, but there was no rear view. Detailed 3D images of the complete car were created which we could manipulate until satisfied that the rear contours matched the rest of this lovely Parisian creation. Today, the project is well on the way to completion. I am thrilled with the results so far.”

Douglas Blain – Publisher, The Automobile magazine (UK based) 2012

Mitchell Special MKII - Bespoke body and buck design
Bentley R-Type - Continental style body design & buck