Bensport La Sarthe at the London Motorshow
Bensport La Sarthe plan view
3D Bentley Continental design for Bensport
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Bentley R-Type – Continental style body design & buck

The Bentley R-Type Continental is one of the few cars to genuinely deserve the label iconic. Production ran to the low hundreds and its style and sophistication have led to an an enormous increase in prices during recent years.

However, even though you may not be able to afford an original car, the Bentley R-Type is still readily available and a chassis restoration and re-body is a financially viable proposition.

Having created two original Bentley R-Type style body designs and having the 3D scanned data to enable creation of an exacting Bentley R-Type Continental body, we have the experience you need to get your bespoke project on the road.

Furthermore, 3D Engineers believes in thorough historical research of the vehicles we create and re-design. Therefore, for the R-Type Continental alone we have spent much effort and money visiting original cars, recording their data and studying books and manuals to ensure the vehicle body fits and is “in period”. For example just because a 1930’s Bentley had bonnet top louvres, it does not follow that they would look good on a Continental re-creation. A modern style Bentley radiator grill and  surround feature may not be the best way to go for a re-body. When did wearing a digital watch go with a Saville Row suit? In our view, non digital dials are required for a traditional car. 3D Engineers can steer you round and through these details, backed up by historical fact.

Once the car is designed it needs to be built and in this regard we can offer you a choice of the best painters and body makers in the UK. We charge zero for this service, but it is in some ways one of the most important part of our job. Massive cost overruns and poor workmanship are restoration factors we have the experience to minimise. It is not uncommon for restorations or in some cases getting a working prototype to market to take three years or more. The clients we have that have taken our advice have got in one case a car from conception to race track in seven months and often in around eighteen months and at lower cost than would have otherwise been the case.

It is part of our process that we offer “virtual” colour combinations and testing prior to a car being put into production. This results in enormous cost savings and enables you, the client, to be sure of what you are getting.

La Sarthe Continental style body and buck created for Bensport

What we did do:

Take a side elevation full size drawing created by Bob Perry of Bensport and work into into a 3D design for which a buck was then designed and manufactured. This involved 3D scanning running gear and windows. It was fair to say this job was done on a tight timescale/mates rates budget and as a favour.

What we did not do:

At buck stage the detail design was very fluid and Bensport wanted to be cautious regarding any hammer form elements, not knowing if they would ever be required in the future.The body surface in 3D was therefore done in a way to create a section buck and not hammer form. Different surfacing requirements being needed in each case. Since handing over the design, much detail work has taken place, the interior developed and much else. As per above, all Bensport work and nothing to do with us.

Having seen the car for the first time recently, the body shape bar certain aspects (changed grill and rear centre line raised for example) is pretty much as we designed it and interpreted from client’s brief.

We have now scanned many Continental variants, created three unique designs and reverse engineered a body shape for another client.

Finally, we can design and add period features such as picnic hampers and bespoke trim if required.

Ballot 2LS - 3D scanning and body design
1905 Corre 3D - 3D veteran car scan