Steady Special and egg crate buck
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Car bodies designed

3D Engineers has created body designs that have featured on the front page and within the world’s most prestigious car magazines.

All our designs are created in close collaboration and with the assistance of the client. They are often one-offs designed for people that are not happy to even have a limited edition of a make such as Ferrari or Aston Martin.

Our first design was the Mitchell Special MKII. The design brief from Andrew Mitchell was quite simple being he did not want a “munter” and he gave us approximately fifty pictures of cars he liked and fifty of cars he hated. He told us to go away and create something that was nothing like any of them but in the spirit of same. The result is pictured below and was racing at Silverstone with seven months of the initial design brief.

Since the Mitchell we have amended existing vehicle designs and created new car shapes. At the London Motor Show in 2016 there were two cars that had our extensive input exhibited and eleven individual cars have been made or are being made from designs we have brought to fruition.

Saloons, coupes and sports types. As long as it is a classic shape we are here to help. The greatest is yet to come, and a render of a vehicle that will be launched to the public in the near future is pictured below, along with a further bespoke design for a gentleman client and a vehicle designed for the late Ronald “Steady” Barker.

Beaulieu Land Speed Record Cars - 3D scan
"Another Mystery Car"