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Ferrari 250 GTO – 3D scans and body buck

To be able to 3D laser scan one Ferrari 250 GTO is a privilege, but we have now scanned two. This makes us possibly unique on the planet (outside Ferrari?) in being able to make a direct comparison between different cars and move forward with the technical ability to use the data to make a buck/art installation.

Early Ferrari bodies differ for a very good reason: the bodies were generally created in a rush, using a method where a number of metal workers worked on one body.

This presents problems for dealing with 3D scan data as not only do you have to compare one side of the car to another, but also differences between cars have to be taken into account.┬áPicking the best area of each car leads to problems with body flow from one area of the car to the next. However – 3D Engineers – after many months of work are close to achieving the goal of a fully symmetrical interpretation of a the Ferrari 250 GTO body that is a very close amalgam of real cars.

From this data the intention is to create an “egg crate” and “hammer form” body buck of the type shown in the Alfa Romeo museum and pictured below. The buck will have interchangeable areas for wheelbase change, light fittings, radiator intake and can be provided with detail marking so that existing colours scheme combinations can be re-created to a good precision. The material used for the buck ranges from marine ply to solid mahogany. Material and material finish is totally bespoke to client requirement. All surfaces will be hand finished so that the item will avoid a machine finished look.

As well as looking superb in 1:1 scale, other scales are available. The wonderful thing about our buck design is that has is a kind of Bauhaus feel about it as the art aesthetic follows the function, being an item that will be used to create a piece of industrial design.

The design will be limited to two pieces per year and could be used equally as an art installation to complement a Ferrari enthusiast’s home or by a body maker to help restore or re-create this – and we do not use the word lightly – iconic vehicle. Each piece will be numbered.

Legal disclaimer: We have no connection with Ferrari and the item will not be invoiced as a Ferrari product or delivered having any Ferrari logo or branding attached. Bucks and art pieces do not generally arrive with branding upon them, so this will not detract from the items exclusivity or beauty.

Renault Type DQ 40/45Cv (1913) - Body design
A S Motorsport DBR