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Renault Type DQ 40/45Cv (1913) – Body design

This pre World War I Renault is one of our favourite projects.

The client is great. The car is great. The design is by popular opinion spot on.

The work required virtually every tool in our technological armoury involving advanced CAD, 3D scanning, scanning in sub zero temperature (not easy for most scanners), working in the “field” with no power available and combining programme plug-ins that we mixed and matched to get the result required.

Additionally our historic car knowledge and motoring archive came into play.

…..Once our work was complete we then converted it into a format that would have been familiar to body makers early last century – a full size plan to place on the wall of a workshop.

The story:

Coming to us after a recent aesthetically unsuccessful body change we were asked to design a skiff/boat type body and give visualization to a number of different body finishes.

Our approach was to 3D scan the classic car chassis with the existing body still on. It could not be removed at this stage and then post process the scan data by removing the body in virtual 3D space.

Once we were down to the chassis, key dimensions were taken into our chosen CAD program and the body design process started.

Constant reference was made to the scan data, with the body at various stages through the design being reintroduced into the scan in order that a basic visual could be seen. Once the design was agreed, materials were added in order that woods and surface finish could be chosen.

Finally, after all the above was completed our client wished to have the tail shortened……Thankfully due to the working method we employ this was completed shortly afterwards with examples of all the way through the process created again in order that the design could be signed off.

Once finished, we created an enormous rear and side elevation view so the ash framer could refer to it on the workshop wall as he worked.

Further updates to follow as the project progresses. At the moment it is sans bodywork and templates are being created.

Okrasa Special - 3D scan and section buck
Ferrari 250 GTO - 3D scans and body buck