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“Turner” wheel and drum

As part of another project reverse engineering the body of another beautiful old car, we were required to 3D scan and reverse engineer a very rare Turner wheel and drum.

Being of an unusual design, using a Bugatti Type 35 style wheel with integral drum, this was an interesting project all of itself. The idea was that the drum section could remain the same and the rim area be changed for different tyre sizes.

Our work encompassed 3D scanning, manual methods and advanced CAD design. Once finished, the designs were sent via email so our client could get them manufactured.

As an aside the wheel was attached to a Turner car at Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford, Somerset. More specifically – JDA 555 – a 1951 Turner Sports. The car was specially ordered by Ken Rose, the son of Hugh Rose who designed the Lea Francis. He was going to use it in club events in the early 1950’s. The car body design took key features from the Ferrari 160 Barchetta. A Lea Francis engine was fitted in this case.

JDA 555 was raced all the way through the 1950’s and 1960’s, driven by various drivers.

We would like to thank Haynes Motor Museum for helping both us and our client with this project. If you are ever in Somerset the museum is well worth a visit. Further details here.

In addition to all the above, the Turner marque itself has an interesting history behind it and further details can be found here.

Finally, 3D Engineers is skilled in re-creating classic car parts using methods as diverse as 3D scanning, original plans and pictures. Please contact us with your requirements.

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