Scanning is not always the correct way forward.

Scanning is not always the correct way forward.

After writing the news article re scanning a Jaguar part, we remembered a situation two years ago whereby scanning was most definitely not the way forward.

Having read this article regarding scanning a Bugatti water pump manifold and recreating it in Computer Aided Design (CAD), it occurred to us that although two hours start to finish was quick there might be a better way. To this end, we contacted The Bugatti Trust, obtained the plan of the item and created it using conventional CAD methods for a total time of 43 minutes including the phone call.

Bugatti water pump visualization after 43 minutes work

From an accuracy point of view, our chosen method was the best as there was no way of knowing how accurate the scanned pump was and therefore going back to the source of the design being the original plans was sensible.

The example shows one of the reasons why 3D Engineers is so good at what we do. We are not wed to one solution but rather have the equipment, knowledge and experience to explore a range of solutions picking the best one for a given scenario.

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