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“Steady Special” 2014 onwards

In our opinion the Steady Special finished when the original body he created was removed and the chassis laid up, with essentially nothing happening apart from the rolling chassis changing ownership a few times.

3D Engineers designed a body for a vehicle that is again called the Steady Special, but is as conceived circa 2012 and not as conceived years previously.

Due to design considerations, the new body bares little resemblance to what Steady drew and the creation process in the end came down to 3D Engineers being given a loose brief with one revised sketch created over our original design proposal.


Original 3D Engineers “Steady” design that closely followed original concept

Steady Special bucks

Steady Special bucks – Your buck will have the engine area fitted

The finished product

The finished product

So for 3D Engineers, where does the project go from here? Our view is that we got involved predominantly because we like and respect Ronald “Steady” Barker. He has selflessly given much to the motoring world over his lifetime and continues to do so even though as this is written he is 93.

Therefore the design of the two bodies and two bucks we created, and own the intellectual property on, will be offered to home body builders and restorers as a kit of parts to create your own 30’s style body on your own chassis. The chassis could be anything from a MG Midget to a Riley. The body will look superb. Tyre and wheel choice is key, so please contact us with your requirements.

The bucks can be altered for wheelbase and track at a minimal cost.

The cost for the buck delivered within the UK is £4995 plus VAT. From order to delivery is typically two weeks. Payment can be made by credit card, so cost can be spread for as long or short a period as required.