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Sneak preview

Our new Octane ad airs this week, end July 2017, so here’s a quick glance for you ahead of time – nothing beats seeing it in the flesh though!
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Beaulieu Motor Museum part reverse engineered

Beaulieu National Motor Museum

This week we’ve been at Beaulieu reverse engineering some essential engine parts. We just love this museum, both as official visitors and when on a ‘busman’s holiday’ with the family. Go and see this place ASAP if you haven’t already! Details here.
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BRM V16 parts reverse engineered and a Bugatti Type 35 body scanned for Beaulieu the National Motor Museum

Over the summer, we worked with our National Motor Museum at Beaulieu, to reverse engineer using scanning and CAD techniques some priceless BRM V16 parts. Bugatti Type 35 in Beaulieu workshop Additionally, we scanned for historical record purposes the body of the museum’s Bugatti Type 35 Grand Prix car. This involved many advanced techniques and historical research best practice. Visit the 3D Engineers website
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