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Digital databank

Sneak preview

Our new Octane ad airs this week, end July 2017, so here’s a quick glance for you ahead of time – nothing beats seeing it in the flesh though!
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National Historic Vehicle Register accepts Cadillac Type 57

3D scanned at first and then drawn from this in 2D plans, the Cadillac Type 57 is another car in a sequence ongoing by 3D Engineers with the Historic Vehicle Association in the USA to record and preserve the heritage of America’s motoring history. See http://www.historicvehicle.org/nationalregister for further info.
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Digital databank turns up information on 20’s magneto

Helped a gentleman from Bulgaria with information on a 20’s magneto. Being used on a classic bike project. We constantly source motoring literature to add to our digital archive and constantly amaze people about what we have information on!
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Octane magazine grants 3D Engineers their “Innovation of the Year” award for our Bugatti work

We were surprised and pleased for Octane to grant us their Innovation of the Year award for our work digitising the Bugatti Type 35. 3D Engineers award marked in blue Visit the 3D Engineers website
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Jaguar XJ13 Recreation

Two Jaguar XJ13 re-creations laser scanned. Jaguar XJ13 bathed in laser light Classic Jaguar XJ13 laser scanned The purpose behind scanning these vehicles was to create an historical record that could be utilised should either vehicle need restoring or repairing. Visit the 3D Engineers website  
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Further acquisitions to our automotive library

As part of our ongoing commitment to the 3D Engineers automotive library, the following has been added in the past few weeks: 1132 contemporary photographs of vehicles both road and race. Bugatti Trust DVD of Lord Raglan giving a talk about Bugattis.  DVD showing original footage of the 1924 Lyon race in which the Bugatti Type 35 first appeared. Colin Chapman – Lotus Engineering, Theories, Designs and Applicati
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