The next “Steady Special”

The next “Steady Special”

The broad outline of the project was that Ronald “Steady” Barker a well known gentleman in motoring circles had sketched a car design many decades ago and number of his friends wanted to re-create the car for him as he had helped them out on many occasions.
The deadline was “Steady’s” 92nd birthday. Helped out though, does not fully explain “Steady”. Quite frankly he has a breadth of knowledge and manner that is unsurpassed in classic car circles. Additionally, anyone that goes wing walking on his 90th birthday gets our vote!

When the project was mentioned to 3D Engineers, we jumped at the chance getting involved having been brought up on “Steady” Barker features in the best magazines of the era we love. These magazines were Car and Supercar Classics.

Please enjoy the pictures below. Updates will continue.

“Steady” Barker winging walking on 90th birthday. Picture courtesy of and copyright of Simon Thornley
Early version of the “Steady” special
“Steady” and his motoring birthday card
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